Tuesday, October 29, 2013

WWTW: What Would Taylor Wear?

 Hello girls! Sooo...here in FlorieStyle we are always looking for fun ways to inspire you with anything related to girl-stuff, mainly fashion, of course...since it's where our passion originally lays :) ...so with that mission floating in our heads, we came up with an idea for a new theme that we'll introduce to you in this post. You know how every actress, singer or celebrity; although they show up to the public's eyes with different concept (be it the fashion, the hair or make up) with each movie/song/project...one thing remain the same: their individual style, their original self. To put it in simple words: no matter how elegant an actress might look in her newest movie, the paparazzi still have pictures of her going out with friends wearing casual yet trendy clothes. Everyone have a style that is attached to them like a glue. And that is what we'll aim for for this new theme-post.

...like our first guest in this WW-W (What Would --- Wear) post, Taylor Swift. Tay is the master of changing looks. When the song 'I knew You Were Trouble' came out, Tay shocked us all by having pink hair and wearing rebellious-themed outfits. In 'We Are Never Getting Back Together', Tay is all about fun with her shorts and bright colored outfits. In 'Begin Again', she's a lady with the knee length dresses in soft, calm colors. She changed her look for every song, but there's still the original Tay that lies beneath, the vintage Taylor that we all loved. 

Taylor is all about vintage look, being lady-like and sweet with cardigans and high waist floral skirt. FlorieStyle can say that from all the young and famous celebrity in Hollywood right now, if we're talking about vintage fashion...of course we'll remember Taylor. Her style is really adorable, and very easy to steal...so here it goes, What Would Taylor Wear --- based on FlorieStyle's thought :)

What do you think? Do our picks in those three look perfectly captured Taylor's vintage fashion sense?
  1.  Flower power! If we want to picture Taylor, a floral hi-waist knee length skirt is a must. Pair the skirt with a knitted top (another Taylor's must have) and matching flats with brown postman bag.
  2. From our recent investigation on her style, seems like red wine is making its way to Taylor's favorite color to wear. So...pair up a red colored skinny jeans, or pants, with an adorable top with collar details, and matching bag with ankle-strap black flats.
  3. In this set...FlorieStyle mashed all of the colors that Taylor often seen in: yellow mustard, navy blue, emerald green and also brown. Try mashing this color by placing them through your top, skirt, oversize cardigan and shoes/bag the way we did in the picture above. Loving it!
Which one is your favorite? Try wearing them, while thinking "Oh yeah...this is totally What Taylor Would Wear", and FlorieStyle will forever be happy. Teehee. Oh, wanna make us even happier? Drop by our Facebook page to check out the collection we have....like this stuff that we think is so Taylor:
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